Performance Insight Programs

Business Improvement Toolbox

Analyze and optimize your business operations.

TTi Global’s Performance Insight program allows organizations, managers and their staff to gain greater insight into their business and personal performance using a single, web-based application. Powerful and highly flexible, it allows managers to quickly perform assessments based on predetermined criteria, then create detailed reports and generate corrective action plans aligned to best practices.

An all-in-one business improvement toolbox.

  • Multiple Assessment Methods

    Implement as auditor-led, self-assessments or as remote surveys. Examine, analyze, report and plan actions from individual staff to business and whole networks.
  • Flexible Reporting

    Access and share powerful reports – view high-level metrics and KPIs, or drill down to review specific questions and answers, all in real-time.
  • Automatic Action Plan Generation

    Generate intuitive action plans from assessments for review and implementation.
  • Multi-Level User Permissions

    Provide the right access to the right people – from a business privilege level to a multi-regional program or central management monitoring.
  • Easy-to-Use File Management Protocols

    Manage assessment creation and publication through a simple, easy-to-use central module.
  • Multi-Language Support and Processing

    A multi-language processing module allows users to export complete audits, then translate and import them back to the system.

Performance Insight empowers you to quickly and easily understand:

  • Business performance to a quality standard
  • Staff skills, knowledge and capability
  • The quality of a business against a total network
  • How to plan and improve business standards
  • Key performance indicators and results


  • Performance Insight
  • Performance Insight
  • Performance Insight
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