Forecasting Human Risk


Assess, Identify and Manage Organizational Risk Factors

“Risk” is a sensitive word and can mean many things to many people. In the context of forecasting human risk and our clients, risk can range from poor customer service to weak leadership; lack of product knowledge to violations in compliance; and poor customer satisfaction or sales performance.

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TTi Global – Guru to Go eLearning Apps


Create and Publish eLearning Apps

Getting up-to-date eLearning materials into the hands of the people who need it – wherever they need it – is critical to your success, but custom app development is typically time-consuming and expensive. With our Guru to Go solution, we can create, manage, track and publish custom eLearning apps, to multiple platforms, faster and more affordably than ever before.

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Performance Insight Programs


Business Improvement Toolbox

TTi Global’s Performance Insight program allows organizations, managers and their staff to gain greater insight into their business and personal performance using a single, web-based application. Powerful and highly flexible, it allows managers to quickly perform assessments based on predetermined criteria, then create detailed reports and generate corrective action plans aligned to best practices.

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Trainer Accreditation Programs


Ensure Consistent Performance

An effective trainer brings more to the room than just automotive experience and good presentation skills. To truly engage and involve, it takes a deep understanding of your brand, and of the standards, policies and procedures expected of them globally.

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Business Skills Courses


Enhance Your Personnel

TTi Global’s turnkey Business Skills Courses are a flexible, cost-effective way to enhance your personnel. From soft skills to project management, trainer development and more, we have something that fits your needs. You can save time and maximize your budget across a range of options, all while delivering tailored curriculum that meets your business and learning needs.

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Learning Evaluation Tool (LET)


Performance Improvement-led Learning

Accurately measuring the value from your learning initiatives can be challenging. The accuracy of recording, engagement of staff, an unwillingness to share poor performance, or other factors can all work to prevent you from understanding the real impact of your programs.

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iConnect - Secure, Web-based Learning


Digital Trainer Communities

Getting the most from your training team means ensuring they have access to the insights, feedback and shared best practices that help make them more effective.

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