Learning Evaluation Tool (LET)

Performance Improvement-led Learning

Measure the real impact of your learning initiatives with our Learning Evauluation Tool.

Accurately measuring the value or return on investment from your learning initiatives can be challenging. The inability to isolate the effect of the training solution from other factors that might have influenced the performance – such as engagement of staff, an unwillingness to share poor performance, or other factors – can all work to prevent you from understanding the real impact of your programs.

By engaging both the learner and the manager in the performance improvement-led learning activity, TTi Global’s LET tool allows stakeholders to better measure the impact of their learning initiatives through data collection before, during and after the learning process. It will aid learning transfer and effectively answer two critical questions:

  1. How effective is the learning intervention?
  2. Are key learning objectives being met?

Scalable impact & value measurement.

  • Scalable solution that allows you to measure the appropriate level of evaluation for each solution in your learning portfolio
  • Isolation strategies that target the effect of the learning solution from other changes that have taken place in the business
  • Provides controlled and measurable evaluation through a consistent platform for measuring and tracking learning outcomes
  • Learner- and manager-centric approach that drives learning transfer by fostering a partnership between the learner and their line manager
  • Portal-based to allow secure, 24/7 access from virtually anywhere your team needs it


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