iConnect - Secure, Web-based Learning

Digital Trainer Communities

Discover, develop and share knowledge and best practices.

Getting the most from your training team means ensuring they have access to the insights, feedback and shared best practices that help make them more effective. iConnect provides your team with a secure, web-based learning community and mobile video observation platform that allows your team to:
  • Improve learning outcomes through direct observational evaluation and feedback
  • Leverage skills and knowledge by providing a platform for your team to share best practices
  • Drive continuous professional development within your team

iConnect is built on three key principles:

Allow trainees and peers to watch an experienced professional in action using state-of-the-art recording hardware.

Allow an experienced professional to observe trainers in action and provide feedback via a sophisticated web platform.

Enable discussion about how to improve, set objectives and move forward, regardless of the location of your team.


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