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Create and Publish eLearning Apps

Go mobile. Go custom.

Getting up-to-date eLearning materials into the hands of the people who need it – wherever they need it – is critical to your success, but custom app development is typically time-consuming and expensive. With our Guru to Go solution, we can create, manage, track and publish custom eLearning apps, to multiple platforms, faster and more affordable than ever before.

Go faster. Go more cost effectively.

Your business changes fast. Shorter product development cycles, changing market conditions and consumer tastes, and the need to collaborate globally, make it challenging for your eLearning initiatives to keep pace. Our Guru to Go mobile app solution helps bring your eLearning initiatives up to speed by letting you roll out custom learning apps, quickly and more cost-effectively than traditional solutions. Any subject matter. Anywhere you need it.

With Guru to Go, our global team of eLearning experts have the tools to:

  • Create, edit, manage and publish custom mobile apps, using your content or ours
  • Quickly and easily update your apps to ensure content is always accurate and relevant
  • Leverage existing content to quickly create and deploy new courses:
    • Tests and quizzes
    • > Branched scenarios
    • > Book-based organization
  • Publish content to multiple platforms, from a single tool
  • Integrate seamlessly with your SCORM-compliant LMS

On the train, at the airport, on the production floor, or virtually anywhere - Guru to Go lets you roll out custom eLearning apps, quickly and more cos-effectively.

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