Business Skills Courses

Enhance Your Personnel

Take total control of your learning content.

TTi Global’s turnkey Business Skills Courses are a flexible, cost-effective way to enhance your personnel. From soft skills to project management, trainer development and more, we have something that fits your needs. You can save time and maximize your budget across a range of options, all while delivering tailored curriculum that meets your business and learning needs.


Made to match your needs.

We offer both instructor-led courses and e-learning options through our catalog of high-quality content. Plus, you have the flexibility to control the look, feel and functionality of your white label course using CSS coding. Add images, your colors and your logo, and customize them to your precise needs – creating a seamless user experience for any corporate suite of e-learning programs.


Tailor curriculum, manage administration rights and create something that looks and feels like your other learning materials.

Cost-effective Deployment

Leverage high-quality learning content to quickly and more efficiently create your own programs.


Convenient, easy-to-use, custom courses that can be adapted to the individual demands of your learners.

Improved Performance

More than 30 years of refined program design, development and delivery expertise helps provide better outcomes for your learning initiatives.


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