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TTi Global Research Launches New Research Framework

While traditional employee experience frameworks apply common questions across multiple sectors, Employee Experience Quality Analysis (EEQA) is designed to accommodate and utilise the key differences between organisations for more actionable insights.

Traditionally, employee satisfaction surveys apply common questions across all sectors and employees and the results demonstrate a benchmarked perspective on staff engagement. However, all organisations are not the same, and a standardised approach across all businesses can significantly reduce the amount of actionable insight available, and more importantly, the results may not accurately represent the view of different employee segments.

Researchers at TTi Global, based in Slough, UK, recognised an opportunity to offer an individually tailored employee research framework to organisations in a variety of sectors, who want to fully understand and get to know their employees, now and in the future.

Their Employee Experience Quality Analysis (EEQA) was developed to harness the wealth of knowledge organisations can gather from their employees and translate this into financial results, organisational growth, and improved customer experience. The most comprehensive staff survey of its kind, EEQA places the employee at the heart of the survey design, tracking every staff interaction with employers and enabling companies to pinpoint and resolve root causes of dissatisfaction.

Glyn Luckett, Commercial Director of TTI Global, said:
“EEQA acts as an enabler where other research programmes can limit an organisation’s ability to differentiate their employee brand. Every organisation will have different drivers of engagement and experience; EEQA simplifies the approach of understanding these and provides the actionable insight that will have tangible benefits to the organisation.”

TTi Global researchers purport that EEQA enables organisations to:

• Measure staff engagement and perception of their employer
• Identify employees’ individual and group needs and requirements
• Understand employees’ expectations and level of importance
• Determine future factors which will become more important to staff and what will cause them to become ‘actively disengaged’ or leave the company
• Pinpoint what the company does well, areas for improvement and what can be done to save time and money
• Evaluate each employee interaction point with managers and the wider company, from HR policies and procedures to training opportunities and discussions around salary
• Identify practical actions to improve employee engagement, enabling retention of the best team members and enhancing the customer experience Early feedback received by TTI Global’s research term indicates that organisations are impressed by the simplified approach offered by EEQA, and the report formats that make it easy for teams to see exactly where action needs to be taken to facilitate change.

The value of EEQA is regarded as significant, providing the opportunity to align staff to the survey right from the start – being part of the process promotes increased participation and satisfaction. EEQA can be used as a point-in-time indicator or as a periodic tracking measure, monitoring employee priorities over time and across different interventions such as training and evaluation, organisational development and transitional restructuring. TTi Global Research has over 20 years’ experience in delivering insightful market research solutions across multiple sectors for organisations worldwide. For more information about EEQA and other employee, customer and stakeholder research services visit:

About TTI Global Research

An accredited Market Research Society (MRS) Company Partner, TTI Global Research operates a fully integrated quality management system at every stage of every research project, assuring the highest quality market research methodologies, data output and analysis. By applying appropriate analytical techniques and sector knowledge, TTI Global Research provides organisations with a deep level of insight into their business challenges. A unique approach, combining the ‘what’ and ‘how’ data with the essential ‘why’, equips clients with powerful insights enabling them to implement changes and accelerate business growth.

TTI Global Research is committed to being, a ‘people focussed’ organisation. Whether it’s six in depth interviews, multi-market dealer or customer experience research, each and every project is important. From initial engagement through to results delivery, your team will be experienced, consistent, and know your sector.

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