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The Great Disruptor: Emergent Technology Turns Corporate Learning Upside Down


Rochester Hills, Michigan - Workforce development leader TTi Global (located in 23 countries worldwide) predicts that rapid advancements in learning technologies will completely transform how corporations will structure learning environments.

Instant access to information is disrupting who controls information within many corporate systems. Corporations are recognizing that to remain successful, they must become organizations that embrace a sustainable learning eco-system.

Today's workers have unprecedented choices for accessing information that allows them to bypass traditional gatekeepers within companies. In an ever-connected world, access to information is available outside of corporate channels. Technology is creating unexpected shifts in business models, forcing many companies to examine the very structure of their industry. Many examples abound; from an app that allows Starbucks customers to buy coffee directly from their mobile (side-stepping both the cashier and the wait-in-line) to Uber completely disrupting the taxi cab industry. Mobile connectivity is breaking organizational layers and all corporations must adapt or risk being pushed out of the marketplace completely.

Claire Harrison Bradley, Director of Global Product and Services for TTi Global states, "Never before has the learner had so much control over the content they engage with. Technology is moving at such a pace, that they can access information in the format they want, when they want it and in any environment." Harrison Bradley sees this disruption as a fundamental shift in how business is conducted worldwide and explains that the rate of change will only accelerate. Companies wishing to survive must have full command of their learning and communication systems.

TTi Global is a global leader in the advancement of learning technologies and instructional design. Recently the company won the Bronze award for "Best Use of Simulations or Virtual Environments for Learning" at the Learning Technologies Awards ceremony in London.

About TTi Global

TTi Global provides staffing, learning, research and consulting solutions to industries across various sectors with automotive as a core focus. TTi Global oversees operations on five continents with offices spanning the globe including; Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, India, Japan, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, Thailand, Venezuela, UK and most recently Afghanistan.

With a staff of over 2000 employees in international operations, they offer a range of services, tailor made to drive business goals, including business consulting, research, staffing, workforce development and learning solutions. TTi Global world headquarters are located in Rochester Hills, Michigan.