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Gaining the Competitive Edge: Three Things That Impact Customer Service

Global Brands: Gaining the Competitive Edge

Whether it’s Dubai or DeMoines, customers seeking to buy or service their vehicle at an automotive dealership should have a remarkable brand experience. Regardless of where the dealer is located, the customer’s perception of the experience is effected by the same three factors; people, process and facilities. For the dealer to successfully create the desired experience, all areas must come into alignment to fuel passion for the brand.

Claire Harrison Bradley is the Director of Global Product and Services for TTi Global, a workforce development leader located in 23countries worldwide. Harrison Bradley consults a wide range of global automotive brands on training initiatives. She states, “In order to achieve an outstanding customer experience, brands must look at three basic components that influence the customer experience; people, process and facilities. You need to be consistent in all three areas to see results. Only when you are consistent across all areas, can you deliver opportunities to develop customer advocacy”

Harrison Bradley advocates that successful dealers must have the right people in place. Highly trained individuals are needed to acquire the skills, knowledge and behaviors necessary to promote the brand. In order to create a seamless brand experience, all areas of the operation need to work effectively in teams. When skills, knowledge and behaviors combine, the dealership can deliver an experience beyond the client’s expectation.

Brand passion has to be supported by robust processes and procedures and compliance. The right training builds the necessary buy-in across for the dealership to align their resources. When the whole organization becomes customer-centric, teams join forces to build an innovative customer journey.

Facilities shape the customers experience and leading automotive brands are succeeding in differentiating themselves by way of facility design. Customers come to the facility to experience tangible assets of the vehicle that are not available online. A well designed facility will enhance the total brand experience.

When executed successfully the result of this three-fold alignment delivers the opportunities to develop customer advocacy and create a powerful competitive edge, all driving future sales.