A clear pattern of results.

At TTi Global, we have a successful research pedigree helping organizations around the world unlock their potential and drive impactful change that delivers real value. That means we expose areas of innovation, discover growth opportunities and use our proven techniques to improve loyalty, identify areas for greater engagement and increase stakeholder satisfaction.

Do the math.

There’s only one company our clients turn to when they expect the highest level of creative research solutions, regardless of the budget constraints. With our single-source supplier offering, you have access to an experienced in-house team of research and learning professionals capable of designing, developing and delivering cost-effective, insightful and engaging solutions.

Our core research solutions improve business performance by providing insight into:

  • Key drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Precise customer feedback on performance
  • Purchase behaviors and drivers of buying decisions
  • Critical elements of employee service delivery as expected by staff
  • Performance by department, length of service, demographic and market
  • Key drivers of employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • Specific employee reviews on organizational performance
  • Action priorities for performance improvement and increased staff engagement

We provide a comprehensive suite of research solutions for:

  • Automotive
  • Automotive Finance
  • Retail
  • Distribution and Supply Chain
  • Utilities Manufacturing
  • Construction and Infrastructure Development
  • Financial Services Construction Products And many more

Contact us today to discover how we can help deliver the insights you need to improve performance.

What we do differently



We look for innovative ways to measure satisfaction and engagement, with a constant eye on global market trends


We listen to what your customers and employees are saying about your business, identify key insights and develop distinct solutions that help ensure their experiences match their expectations


We develop custom solutions that go beyond measuring data to provide comprehensive understanding, interpretation and action planning